Are You Still Having Fun?

You are on your own
You do as you please
Having so much fun
Gone and lost your reason
After all is said and done
Are you still having fun?
How were you to know when you've gone astray?
That h ...

Been Here Once Before

Got your back up against the wall
Now you know that after all
When you make mistakes like that
There's no more turning back
Now we've gone and we've lost our heads
You're better off just playing ...

Burning Up

Would you believe me
If I said I'd never lie
Though it ain't easy
I can tell you I have tried
But I got to say
That it comes those days
That I told something untrue
Would you forgive me
If I s ...


The doors are closed and the walls are white
Someone calls but I don't want to talk tonight
Stay away you all want to.......stay away
I'm going to be all right......all right

Within the ...


Conversation with the child who once believed in you
How does one explain to him what it is you do
He says daddy daddy please tell me it's not true
What all the people are saying....saying ...

Death Defied

He only thought he was going for the thrill of a ride
Wasn't in the play to be gone for long
But he keeps looking back over his shoulder
He knows that something might go wrong
The ride it ain't sm ...

Falling in Love Again

I'm so tired
Of falling in love
Finding it easier to fall out
Can't deny it
I feel it inside cupid's fire
I can't hide

I'm falling in love again
Ain't nothing I can do
Falling in lo ...

First to Fall

What you doing in the alley
What you doing my friend
What you doing in the alley
Are you lost again

Ain't no good going down that road honey
Ain't no good at all
Getting down on your knees jus ...


Well I found my inspiration there
In silent whispers it just came to me so clear
Simple question of what was I doing there

When I'm standing with my prey
Of if I ...

Lonely Days

Girl I can't abide
By the rules you laid down in this game
'cause now I've gone and lost myself in you
One time you catch a ride
And it takes you miles away
There's a chance of never feeling blue ...

Long Way Around

You say what you say
And you pray that one day
You'll be seen between the shadows
Now that's a waist of your pain
Living your life like a saint
When it don'
It don't even matter
Even sain ...

Miss Fortune

She is my miss fortune
With all the troubles we have had
When ever I am around her
I do something bad
Trouble is her lover
Trouble is her friend
When ever I am around her
I commit a sin

Trou ...

One Good Reason

Give me one good reason
That I should care
Give me one good reason
And I'll be there
Like a thief you've stolen
Like rain on a grave
Like a priest who's spoken
But failed to save

Now the air ...

Permanent Tears

On the day of her arrival
No one is there to meet her
Something of a sad one
A girl with permanent tears
Born without a family
Born without a name
All she ever wanted
Was to wipe her tears away ...

Promises Made

Promises made they were lost
Somewhere beside you
Waiting around can leave some
Feeling like I do
Promises made and we stayed
Dreaming of leaving

We will find good days for us
The sun will sh ...

Rainbow Wings

I met the devil in disguise
With his rainbow wings and a pack of lies
I had my suspicions but they were ignored

Far away the angel cries
How far away the angel sings
Don't sell your so ...

Save Tonight

Go on and close the curtains
Cause all we need is candlelight
You and me and a bottle of wine
Going to hold you tonight

Well we know I'm going away
And how I wish...wish it weren't so
So take ...

Shades of Grey

If you start here late no one will know what you did
No the streets are straight it's the soul that's crooked
I've been treated fine I've been treated elegantly
But I'm not one for bathing in the w ...

She Didn't Believe

He's going back to georgia
Because he knows time and time has come
Don't even know if shell be waiting
Because he's been gone for way too long

How long will you stay
Boy you don't got nine live ...

Shooting up in Vain

Waking up as the sun goes down
Body all in pain
Straight out the door to the worst part of town
Shooting up in vain

Slips all his money to the man
Here we go we go again
Got bags ...

Together We'll Die

Madness is fragile and fragile is she
In chaos she's agile and madness is me
We knew from the beginning it wasn't alright
Like being in a padded room for more than one night
Judgment escaped me I ...

When Mermaids Cry

She was drowned in suicide
Faithless lover cast aside
This is how she came to be
Lorelei of the sea
Hopes destroyed, she wanted to find
Certain death peace of mind
Now you wonder who is she
Lor ...