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Дон Доккен Дон ДоккенАмериканский музыкант, основатель проекта Dokken

1000 Miles Away

(dokken, norum)

Just like sand running through my hands
We tried to hold love but it just slipped away
Was I so wrong to keep you holding on
Hoping someday tgat we wiykd fubd a way...to make lov ...

Дон Доккен

Crash 'n Burn

(white, dokken)

I considered all the chances that were mine
I beleicved they'd find solutions just in time
I beliecced they had more answers than I'd heard
The angels sing a different song

St ...

Дон Доккен

Down in Flames

(dokken, white)

It's my heart feeling heavy
Down about the way that you treat me
Is your love still on fire
Show that your touch has desire

If I give you all I need
Would you still be there ...

Дон Доккен


(dokken, davis)

Searching for answers
I found one
Looking for roses
But the season is gone

I see the eyes of a stranger
I don't know you anymore
I know my heart is in danger
Lost in you ju ...

Дон Доккен

Give It Up

(dokken, white)

In one man's mind, we could have anything
In one man's life, we could lose everything

Look to the sky to what the future would bring to me
'cause when it's all said and done
W ...

Дон Доккен

Living a Lie

(norum, dokken)

Does it seem that we're going nowhere again
Can it be that love has passed us by the way
Can't sy that we played the game so well
Are we to a point where time stands still
Nothi ...

Дон Доккен

Mirror Mirror

(dokken, white, spiro)

Look inside my eyes
You can see everywhere I've been
You can drag me down, I'll come right back again.

You gotta hold on to every little thing
Every little bag of bones ...

Дон Доккен


(dokken, brown)

Girl, when I think of you, you know it makes me sad
And I wonder, wonder about what we had

Say we're over baby t
That we're through
Can't believe it say that it's not true
Pl ...

Дон Доккен

The Hunger

(dokken, white)

What's wrong with you may be right for me
Don't need to feel your sympathy, no
In the dark
I feel at home
I need the night to make my feelings known

Alright like lone wolf, c ...

Дон Доккен

When Love Finds a Fool

(dokken, hughes)

I could've told you
All these tears, what good to they do
All these years my life's been living
It's a shame you've not been giving

So tell me what to do
And I'll be there f ...

Дон Доккен

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