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11. 6. 45

It's, uh, november 6th, 1945, and we...
...went up to, and uh, back to the house and watched mtv...
...and playin' pac-man.
It's all really gross and all the kids were diseased.
Giant airplanes, u ...

Джефф Бек

8. 4. 82

Today's, uh, august 4th, 1982.
I'm really bored and there was some dead animals that we played with.
There was a weed-wacker...we stole two of them.
A cop car was on fire.
My friend scott, he was ...

Джефф Бек

8. 6. 82

It's august 6th, 1982.
And uh, we were jammin' over at the house.
My pants caught on fire.
We were smokin' a lotta... whiskey, and uh, chicken.
And uh, got some food and...
I got some food and ca ...

Джефф Бек

All in Your Mind

Well it's all in you mind
It's all in you mind
Well it's all in your mind
And I wanted to be
I wanted to be
Wanted to be your good friend

Well I cannot believe
You got a devil up your sleeve

Джефф Бек

Already Dead

Time wears away
All the pleasures of the day
All the treasures you could hold
Days turn to sand
Losing strength in every hand
They can't hold you anymore

Already dead to me now
'coz it feels ...

Джефф Бек

Aphid Manure Heist

Lied o'er the man's light
Made sure the faith in the light had made her
The greatest woman
The greatest woman
To be the man's greatest wife

I thought it all over
Lord knows I've tried

Джефф Бек


Your brains went black
When she took back her love
And put it out into the sun
The birds did fly
When the heavens all went dry
And the cigarettes were smoking by themselves

She'll do anything

Джефф Бек

Atmospheric Conditions

There's nobody
There's no mountain
There's no tunnel
You can't get from there to here
You can't get from here to there

There hasn't been a change in the atmostphere
(nothing twistin ...

Джефф Бек

Beautiful Way

Searchlights on the skyline
Just looking for a friend
Who's gonna love my baby
When she's gone around the bend
Egyptian bells are ringing
When it's her birthday
Sweet nothin', I'm talking about ...

Джефф Бек


Alcohol on my hands
I got plans
To ditch myself and get outside
Dancing women
Throwing plates
Decapitating their laughing dates
Swirling chickens caught in flight
Out of focus
Much too bright

Джефф Бек


Windy, windy
Looking for a better home
Got me, got me
Runnin' out of lightbulbs
Cloudy, cloudy
Open to a wastecan
Yellow car, yellow car
Better be inside there

Wake up, wake up
Nothin's gon ...

Джефф Бек

Bottle of Blues

Da da da da, da da da da da da da da da

I just found me a bottle of blues
Some strange comfort for a soul to soothe
Ain't it hard, ain't it hard
To want somebody who doesn't want you

And I've ...

Джефф Бек

Broken Train

The snipers are passed out
In the bushes again
I'm glad I got my suit dry-cleaned
Before the riots started
Cos there's only rehashed faces
On the bread line tonight
Soon you'll be a figment
Of ...

Джефф Бек

Burnt Orange Peel

Long ago things to be
Ive got a garden hose and a color tv
I've got time on my hands
I've got time on my hands
Nobody cares what I do

Long ago things to do
I've got a burnt orange peel and a p ...

Джефф Бек

Cancelled Check

I hate to do this, but you're a pain in the neck
I thought you knew this, you're handing me a canceled check
You're so helpless, your girlfriends think you're a saint
I'll give you a quarter, I'll ...

Джефф Бек

Cold Brains

Cold brains, unmoved, untouched, unglued
Alone at last
And no thoughts, no mind, to rot behind
A trail of disasters

A final curse
Abandoned hearse
We ride, disowned
Corroded to the bone

Th ...

Джефф Бек

Crystal Clear

Plastic donut, can of spam
There's no kindness in this land
Better not let my good gal catch you here
She's gettin' all juiced up with a bottle of plain-wrap beer
Coffee clothing pasted on
Clean ...

Джефф Бек

Cut 1_2 Blues

I thought I heard a chainsaw
Rather late last night
I woke this mornin' and I knew I was right
I got the cut-in-half blues

Well the last thing I saw was the big long saw
I got the cut-in-half b ...

Джефф Бек

Cyanide Breath Mint

Definitely this is the wrong place to be
There's blood on the futon
There's a kid drinking fire
Going down to the sea
They got people to meet
Shaking hands with themselves
Looking out for themse ...

Джефф Бек

Dead Melodies

Where will you go
When this day is over
A gambler's purse
Lays on the road

Straight to your door
Snakes have gone crazy tonight
Winding their way out of sight

A laugh, a joke
A sentiment w ...

Джефф Бек


I met you at jc penny
I think your name-tag said jenny
I could step to you
With a fresh pack of gum
And somehow I knew
You were looking for some love
Like a prude that's rype for the picking
I ...

Джефф Бек


I dropped my anchor in the dead of night
I packed my suitcase and threw it away
I fell asleep in the funeral fire
I gave my clothes to the police man

Blow back derelict when, lay my soul in the ...

Джефф Бек

Devil's Haircut

Something's wrong 'cause my mind is fading
And everywhere I look there's a dead end waiting
Temperature's dropping at the rotten oasis
Stealing kisses from the leperous faces

Heads are hanging f ...

Джефф Бек

End of The Day

I've seen the end of the day come too soon
Not a lot to say, not a lot to do
You played the game, you owe nothing to yourself
Rest a day, for tomorrow you can't tell
You can't tell

I've seen th ...

Джефф Бек


Stand outside with a suitcase
(there's a forcefield round my neck)
Walk around all the while
(and it stands just where I sat)
Look at the people driving backwards
(and the stance I took on that)

Джефф Бек

Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods

Fourteen rivers, fourteen floods
Bend your body to the heavens above
Don't get drunk, don't get dry
Just bring your money next saturday night

Forteen miles on a teton trail
With a half-dead mul ...

Джефф Бек

Fuckin' With My Head

I ain't got no inclination
Give away my sweet sensation
Sleepin in an old toolshed
Scumbag cryin' on his pillow

When you wanna be with me, then we will see
Who's fuckin' with my head
Hey hey h ...

Джефф Бек

Get Real Paid

We like the boys
With the bullet proof vests
We like the girls
With the cellophane chests
We like to ride on executive planes
We like to sit around and get real paid

I know you really want it

Джефф Бек

Girl Dreams

You're just the girl of my dreams but it seems
My dreams never come true
You're just the girl of my dreams but it seems
My dreams never come true

I first met you down on lover's lane
The birds ...

Джефф Бек

Guess I'm Doin' Fine

There's a blue bird at my window
I can't hear the songs he sings
All the jewels in heaven
They don't look the same to me

I just wade the tides that turned
Till I learn to leave the past behind

Джефф Бек

He's a Mighty Good Leader

He's a mighty good leader
He's a mighty good leader
He's a mighty good leader
All the way
All the way, lord
From up to heaven
He's a mighty good leader
All the way

He led my mother
He led m ...

Джефф Бек

Hidden Song

[not sure of the lyrics 4 that one... anyway]

Looking back at some dead world that looked so new
Abysses and fountains that they named for you
Dazzled wits and accidents which are steadin'
Hairy ...

Джефф Бек

High 5

High 5, high 5!
High 5, high 5!
[rappers]: c'mon on! 8! everybody! c'mon! 7! c'mon, now! 6! 5!
Aw, yeah, I like that shit.

When I arrive it's like a high 5
A slap in the face I love the taste

Джефф Бек

Hollow Log

Go where you want to
Do the things you feel
Walk around with a broken leg
And a hundred-dollar bill

Get yourself a pistol
Get yourself a dog
Stay up all night getting drunk
Sleeping on a holl ...

Джефф Бек

Hollywood Freaks

Hot milk
Mmmm...tweak my nipple
Champagne and ripple
Shamans go cripple
My sales go triple
We drop lobotomy beats
Evaporated meats
On hi-tech street
We go solo
Dance floors and talk shows
Ho ...

Джефф Бек


It takes a backwash man to sing a backwash song
Like a frying pan when the fire's gone
Driving my pig while the bear's taking pictures in the grass
In my radio smashed

And I like pianos in the e ...

Джефф Бек

I Get Lonesome

Well there ain't nobody left to impress
And everyone's kissing their own hands
This 666 on the kitchen floor
Ain't no fire in the pan
I get lonesome...

So glad to be a slab
Stiff as a stick on ...

Джефф Бек

I Have Seen The Land Beyond

From these shores where we belong
I have seen the the land beyond
Where the lord is strange and strong
I have seen the the land beyond
There's no telling who'll be dead
When the pale horse is tur ...

Джефф Бек


I been drifting along in the same stale shoes
Loose ends tying the noose in the back of my mind
If you thought that you were making your way
To where the puzzles and pagans lay
I'll put it togethe ...

Джефф Бек

Lazy Flies

Lazy flies, all hovering above
The magistrate, he puts on his gloves
And he looks to the clouds, all pink and disheveled
There must be some blueprint, some creed of the devil
Inscribed in our mind ...

Джефф Бек

Little One

Go to sleep
We're so tired now
Altogether in a snake pit of souls
New days
To throw your chains away
To try to hang your hopes on the wind

Little one
Just a little way
Today all we need is w ...

Джефф Бек

Lonesome Tears

Lonesome tears
I can't cry them anymore
I can't think of what they're for
Oh they ruin me every time

But I'll try
And leave behind some days
These tears just can't erase
I don't need them any ...

Джефф Бек

Lord Only Knows


You only got one finger left
And it's pointing at the door
And you're taking for granted
What the lord's made on the floor
So I'm picking up the pieces
And I'm putting them up fo ...

Джефф Бек


In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey
Butane in my veins and I'm out to cut the junkie
With the plastic eyeballs, spray-paint the vegetables
Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose
Kill th ...

Джефф Бек

Lost Cause

Your sorry eyes, they cut through bone.
They make it hard to leave you alone.
Leave you here wearing your wounds
Waving your guns at somebody new.

Baby I'm a lost
Baby I'm a lost
Baby I'm a lo ...

Джефф Бек

Milk Honey

Don't take your red ribbons off
You're about to make a fool of yourself
In the aluminum sunset
Drinking from a drain
I'm a hundred miles behind myself

Milk and honey
Pouring down like money
M ...

Джефф Бек


The last survivor of a boiled crap
Another casualty with the casual frown
The janitor vandals they bark in your face
Juveniles with the piles and paste

It's a sensation
A bankrupt corpse
In th ...

Джефф Бек

Mixed Bizness

I'm mixing business with leather
Christmas with heather
Freaks flock together
And make all the b-boys scream

All right
Turn it up now
All right
Turn it up now

Word up to the manthing
She' ...

Джефф Бек


You came, you went
My mind it got a dent
I couldn't make my rent
'cause all my cash was lent

This town is filled
With thousand-dollar-bills
Laminated songs
Contaminated lawns
Well we eat abo ...

Джефф Бек


Yo, homey don't play like that
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Hey, mr. asshole, what's your dirty hassle
Sitting in your castle, judging everyone
You're actin' like it's chill
When the deal's gettin' ill

Джефф Бек

Nicotine Gravy

I'll be your chauffeur on a midnight drive
It takes a miracle just to survive
Buried animals call your name
You keep on sleeping
Through the poignant rain

I think we're going crazy
Her left ey ...

Джефф Бек

Nitemare Hippy Girl

She took me off my guard with disappointment
I got sucked inside of her apartment
She's got dried-up flowers, flaky skin
A beaded necklace and a bottle of gin

She's a nightmare hippy girl
With ...

Джефф Бек

No Money No Honey

No money, no honey [x16]

One more time
Keep goin'
One more time

No money, no honey [x6]

What's your name?
My name's ken. ...

Джефф Бек

Nobody's Fault but My Own

Treated you like a rusty blade
A throwaway from an open grave
Cut you loose from a chain gang
And let you go

And on the day, you said it's true
Some love holds, some gets used
Tried to tell yo ...

Джефф Бек


Keep on talking like a novacane hurricane
Low static on the poor man's short-wave
Stampede's got to dismantle
Code-red: what's your handle

Mission incredible undercover convoy
Full-tilt chromos ...

Джефф Бек

O Maria

There is no one, nothing to see
The night is useless and so are we
'cause everybody knows
The fabric of folly is falling apart at the seams

And I've been looking for a good time
But the pleasur ...

Джефф Бек

One Foot in The Grave

There's a dead hobo on the patio
And an old barbed wire on the funeral fire
Well, you roll out the carpet and it better be red
And it better be long as the troubles in my head
Gonna be livin' one ...

Джефф Бек


Seventeen years in the city
Static clinging to the ceiling
Never did I think it would come to this
(outcome is different than I expected)
Never did I think it would come to this
(outcome is diffe ...

Джефф Бек


Ozzy ozzy ozzy ozzy
Ozzy ozzy ozzy ozzy ozzy
Ozzy ozzy ozzy...(can I get a little echo on this? )
Ozzy ozzy ozzy ozzy ozzy

What does it mean?
The fire is green
The demons just came through th ...

Джефф Бек

Painted Eyelids

I wake up and look upon your painted eyelids
The world is your oyster
And the trashbags are your kids
The ceiling is invisible
There's a bird sinkin' through the sky
And every hour that passes
I ...

Джефф Бек

Paper Tiger

Just like a paper tiger
Torn apart by idle hands
Through the helter skelter morning
Fix yourself while you still can
No more ashes to ashes
No more cinders from the sky
All the laws of creation

Джефф Бек

Pay No Mind

Tonight the city is full of morgues
And all the toilets are overflowing
There's shopping malls ripping out from the walls
As they walk out from the manure
That's why
I pay no mind
I pay no mind

Джефф Бек

Peaches Cream

Don't tell your right hand baby
What your left hand do
You know those road check girls
Will make your brown breath blue

Peaches and cream
You make a garbage man scream
Such a dangerous dream

Джефф Бек

Pink Noise

The tortures! the torment! pink noise! delicious!
The danger! the victims! demeanin'! religion!

She writhes! she rolls! olympic control!
The bricks! assaultin'! the rest homes are rotten! ...

Джефф Бек

Pressure Zone

The countryside is overgrown
There's a lighthouse in her soul
Wrestling with butcher girls
She don't ever change her clothes

Masterpieces liquidate in fertile tears
I could sleep inside her bon ...

Джефф Бек

Puttin' It Down

Big pain
Burnin' down
Givin' me a cow
What you seem to be saying
Is you're patiently waiting
Like an ashtray for the butt

Well I'm puttin' it down
But you're not pickin' it up
Well I'm putti ...

Джефф Бек


You've been so long
Your blind eyes are gone
Your old bones are on their own

So take off your coat
Put a song in your throat
Let the dead-beats pound all around

We will go
Nowhere we know

Джефф Бек


An open road where I can breathe
Where the lowest low is calling to me
I can pull myself back up back down
Stuck together like a readymade

And nobody knows where we been
Cancelled rations are r ...

Джефф Бек

Rollins Power Sauce

[slowed down:] ummm...my throat muscles are completely shredded

You tell no one
'bout barney
Leaning on you
Dirty pictures

False faces
Bloody wallet
Ripped out your heart
Put on my clothes ...

Джефф Бек

Round The Bend

We don't have to worry
Life goes where it does
Faster than a bullet
From an empty gun

Turn yourself over
Loose change we could spend
Grinding down diamonds
Round, round, round the bend

Peo ...

Джефф Бек


Row me to the shore
She don't
Wanna be my friend no more
She dug a hole
In the bottom of my soul
She don't
Wanna be my friend no more

Pick me up
Give me some food to eat
In your tr ...

Джефф Бек

Satan Gave Me a Taco

Satan gave me a taco
And it made me really sick
The chicken was all raw
And the grease was mighty thick
The rice was all rancid
And the beans were so hard
I was getting kinda dizzy
Eatin' all t ...

Джефф Бек

See Water

Close your eyes and see water
Sliding up the back of your head
Folding into your clothing
Covering eveything you said

Climb up into
No one's gonna miss you

Dried up on the shoreline
Drinkin ...

Джефф Бек

Sexx Laws

Can't you hear those cavalry drums
Hijacking your equilibrium
Midnight hags in the mausoleum
Where the pixilated doctors moan
Carnivores in the kowloon night
Breathing freon by the candlelight
C ...

Джефф Бек

Side of The Road

Something better than this
Someplace I'd like to go
To let all I've learned
Tell me what I know
About the kind of life
I never thought I'd live
Till the ugly truth
Showed me what it did

Let ...

Джефф Бек

Sing It Again

- wanna do another one, man?
- alright...
- let's go.

1... 2... 3... 4...

A town of disrespect
The trains are wrecked
The night is younger than us
Nowhere is anywhere else
You keep to you ...

Джефф Бек


I don't need no wheels I don't need no gasoline 'cause the wind that is
Blowing is blowing like a smoke machine if I said to you that I was looking
For a place to
Get to 'cause my neck is broken an ...

Джефф Бек

Sleeping Bag

Open up the door
Lay the orange juice on the floor
We're having a picnic on the other side of town

There's sleeping bags and fire
And it's getting down to the wire
So grab yourself a spot and s ...

Джефф Бек

Soul Suckin Jerk

I got a job making money for the man
Throwing chicken in the bucket with the
Soda pop can
Puke green uniform on my back
I had to set it on fire in a vat of chicken fat
I leaped on the counter lik ...

Джефф Бек


It's so easy to laugh at yourself
When all those jokes have already been written
Seems like another vain attempt
To let yourself fall out of the oven

Holy mountains
They look so tired
And it's ...

Джефф Бек

Steal My Body Home

Put me in a hole in the ground
With the money and the towel
And the women all runnin' around

Can't complain about the mess
Momma killed the only dress
Now she's longin' for the pines

Watch m ...

Джефф Бек

Sunday Sun

Haven't got a lot to learn
And my eyes they stray again
Looking for a satellite
In the rays of heaven again

There's no other ending
Sunday sun
Yesterday is ending
Sunday sun

Jealous minds ...

Джефф Бек

Sweet Sunshine

Touch me on the inside with a finger full of famine
Wanna get you on the sofa later; wanna shake and bake me?

Bucket full of blood
Got you on my mind
Gonna break my face on the sweet sunshine

Джефф Бек


I got a room down in hollywood
The rent was cheap,
The street was cool
But there was an old man
Who lived right next to me
He was so wretched
He ate up everything
The day I moved in
I got weir ...

Джефф Бек

The Golden Age

Put your hands on the wheel
Let the golden age begin
Let the window down
Feel the moonlight on your skin
Let the desert wind
Cool your aching head
Let the weight of the world
Drift away instead ...

Джефф Бек

The New Pollution

She's got cigarette on each arm
She's got the lily-white cavity crazes
She's got a carborator tied to the moon
Pink eyes looking to the food of the ages

She's alone in the new pollution
She's a ...

Джефф Бек

The Spirit Moves Me

Walkin' back to the burnin' schoolhouse
And the kids drinkin' in the park
Late at night and the spirit moves me
And I don't mind bein' afraid
Old man with no clothes
Leanin' on my fence
Tell me ...

Джефф Бек

Thunder Peel

It's a cold ass fashion when she stole my passion
It's an everlasting, it's a ghettoblasting
On the wonderwheel I let my thunder peel
I made an effort to get just what I deserve

I got all maxed ...

Джефф Бек

Today Has Been a Fucked up Day

Today has been a fucked-up day
Today has been a fucked-up day
Today has been a fucked-up day
Looks like tomorrow'll be the same old day

Today has been a fucked-up day
Today has been a fucked-up ...

Джефф Бек

Total Soul Future

She got the soul
Yeah, she got's the soul
And she got's the soul
Now, she got some soul

She got a finger snap
With the lit cigarette
On my birthday cake
And she's the kickin' the shit

Ah, ...

Джефф Бек


Oh, when they beat upon a broken guitar
And all the streets, they reek of tropical charms
The embassies lie in hideous shards
Where tourists snore and decay

When they dance in a reptile blaze
Y ...

Джефф Бек

Truckdrivin' Neighbors Downstairs

Come on, motherfucker. put your clothes on, come on
You lousy puke
Fuck you!!!
Why don't you call your mommy?
You're a fucking drunk !!!
Yeah, I'm a fucking drunk !!!
Come on, motherfucker !!!

Джефф Бек

Waitin' for a Train

[the following intro is spoken over someone speaking in french
And english, perhaps giving a french lesson]:
I'm an alien from another sphere. the thing I like about the
Earth is the range of colou ...

Джефф Бек

We Live Again

These withered hands have dug for a dream
Sifted through sand and leftover nightmares
Over the hill, a desolate wind
Turns shit to gold and blows my soul crazy

The end, oh, the end
We live agai ...

Джефф Бек

Where It's At

There's a destination a little up the road
From the habitations and the towns we know
A place we saw the lights turn low
With the jig-saw jazz and the get-fresh flow
Pulling out jives and jamboree ...

Джефф Бек

Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997

I was born in this hotel
Washin' dishes in the sink
Magazines and free soda
Tryin hard not to think

Lay it on to the dawn
Everything we done is wrong
I'll be lonesome when I'm gone
Lay it on ...

Джефф Бек

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