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You'd better lock up your daughters
Cause the beast is in town
You know that he's trouble
You'd better not be around – no way
He comes with his circus
He's got that evil intent
And he ain't go ...



She was a girl from Birmingham
she just had an abortion
she was a case of insanity
her name was Pauline she lived in a tree

She was a no-one who killed her baby
she sent her letters from t ...


Born For War

Start up the engines
Release my dogs of war
Pump up the bloodlust
The heavens will be torn
Be blinded by my fury
With no mercy shown
The cut and thrust
Raw energy
Know my word is law

Sen ...



A giant of a man was he
Hewn from wood and stone
With arms the crush
The life from you
And a sword that smites the bone

His quest in life
was honour bound
Believing in the faith
The might ...


Can't Tame The Wild

(Spoken: First rule of engagement: know your enemy.
See the fear feed on the lust of the eyes. Know,
that this is your night, the night of the dead.
Wait, I see a victim – here he comes, into my ...


Chaos Ends

At last the day has come, now we are free
The last battles fought so now we take our leave
The bells ring out across the land so loud
For on this day a new king has been crowned

We think of tho ...


Children Of The Underground

White as snow
Eyes that fear the light
Pale and drawn
Children of the Underground

Dark and dank
Keepers of the light
Down they sank
Children of the Underground

Whipped and chained
Pai ...


Clash Of The Titans

Victory, the time and place is now
Destiny, which one will survive
Blood ain't thincker than water
Braveheart tells his troops
So watch my back for sneak attack
For we shall not be fooled
Circ ...



One day the Prince will come
And light the night
He will rule over us
And restore our sight
Nothing of evil remains
Blinded by his light

How long have we been waited
Waited for the man to ...


Dealing With The Devil

I am the keeper, soul, heart stealer
I'll put a spell, a spell on you – voodoo
Dog's dinner, such a winner
I'll steal your life away
Black eyes, gambling your life

Hands down, a winning roun ...


Die Like A Man

As the north wind howled
And the thunder broke, Braveheart
Stands proudly before his troops
And thrusting his sword toward
Heaven, shouts at the darkening sky,
"Now, its time to die like a man! ...


Different (So What!)

So what, if he's different ?

Don't – you're not the one to tell me how
The way I look at people now
He is a brother of the skin
And this is how we will begin
We'll fight the ugliness of lies ...


Dr. Sardonicus

I stand alone in my tower in the sky
With my creations always at my side
The many-headed, deformities of limb
I watch them dreaming of a life I cannot give

I tried to give the life
But yes, ...



The wind and rain were allies
Fought the sweat upon his brow
And hunger was an enemy
The fear it stalked the ground
He gazed up at the mountain
To the dragonslair he crawled
And clutched his m ...


Field Of Blackbirds

In the fields a blackbird cries
And another star has died
Mothers wail and search for sons
Brothers and the child

Do you see through
The mist and rain
The mourners
Have arrived

In the ...


Freeway Devil

Fear of the devil, that's kept me alive
Now I have to answer, 'cause God's not on my side
I rode to Montana and California, too
Down to Arizona, yeah, yeah, that's where I met you
I hit the road ...


Heads Held High

We've been done for metal
We got metal in our veins – hands held high
Got mayhem in our hearts
An it's tearing us apart – heads held high
We love the feel of leather
The coldness of the steel – ...


Hunting The Damned

In the caves, slaves in chains, no release,
From the Duke and his power
Haunting sight, mesmerized, bastardized,
Get ready the pyres
Staring eyes, victimized, hypnotized
All out of their minds


Kid Racer

Check it out boys, bet a load of these wheels
The colour is red, fast as it feels
400 Horses and 48 valves
A shit-kickin' mutha, burning tires
Kid racer Hell raiser

Suck up the gas, foot to ...


Monster Effect

Dreams – what's haunting me
Fear – that's the key
I'm deader than a dog
With a rattlesnaking cough
My head's between my legs
I'm useless 'til I get my dreams
"They're eating me!"

I'm a liv ...


Murder In Thy Name

They can't deny my name
My infamy in destined for their history
Seek out my enemies
Obey my mad decrees, oblivion is my name

The only master that they have is me
No hiding places for the one ...


Mystica Deamonica

I've got a story that shouldn't be told
One from an age told long ago
From the deep down caverns and the bowels of the earth
A rising evil with a mystic curse
A fallen angel with fire for a name ...



Orater: Come, open your inner eye and together we'll haul back the mystery
that is time, and peer through the mist and take a closer look at the
darkened valleys under a whirlpool sky, bathed by a ...



A single grain of sand
That comes from savageland
It is more precious than the Duke
Will ever know
The beauty of our land
Is laid waste by his hand
All oЫr the world men sing sad songs tonight ...


Scared To The Bone

I want to tell you a story
About a man who did die
And all he wanted from living
Was the chance to get high
So he set out to driving
To do his dealing and score
Well, he climbed up that mounta ...


Serpent's Kiss

She moved a little closer
She was hypnotizing him
Had him in her power
He's desperate to break free
Nowhere to run
And there was nowhere to hide
The serpent's kiss is deadly
It turns your hea ...


Sinners Are Winners

There once was a man
Started playing this game
Good, bad and ugly
Results were the same, the same

He cheated and lied
'Til he got to the top
Power-mad crazy
Didn't know where to stop, to s ...



Don't anger the gods
You might find yourself in the grave
The strongest of strong
All have been put to the blade
The great and the noble
Princes and kings
The power-mad rulers
Who'd thought t ...


Sons Of Darkness

Turn back the tide of a thousand years
When the hunted were many, the land was in tears
The dark one has placed his hands on the earth
His minions, no mercy, no quarter today
The dreams of the m ...


Souls Of Sin

We spit in your direction
We are animals at heart
Left on Devil's Island
We'll tear the world apart
No ships seen on horizon
No food left in the store
High and dry and scavenging
Around these ...


Theatre Of Blood

Welcome my brothers, to this midnight show
The price of entrance, is the ticket to your soul
It's a special showing, especially for you
Roll up, roll up and you can join our mystery
We are the r ...


Thousand Guns

He stepped into the bar and looked around
Didn't like much what he saw and what he found
Too many faces with an attitude
Too many dudes that were do uncool
Y'hear what I'm saying, hombre
Yeah, ...


Wild Frontier

We're the people of the plains
We're the true Americans
Here we live and here we die
Our land
Come and face us, yellow hair
See our feathered pride
See how the red man stands
See how we die


Wild Knight

Returns from his exile, all power and pain
To undo the wrong that was done in his name
The pack are inclined to believe in his words
The promise of riches, fortune – just words

They gathered ...


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