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2 Fisted

Here we come gonna shake up the earth

here we come gonna kick up some dirt

Here we come hide your women and your weed

here we come and we spread like disease

Here we come with ...

40 Below Summer

5lb. Bag

Turn your back, turn around every day

Lay the smack down, come around, make us bleed

Put your hands on, touch em there, everywhere

Put your hands on, leave em down in despair

40 Below Summer

A Season In Hell

This, this a dark this is a place I can't escape would you leave me here

Lying in wait hanging like baits strangled by fate would you even care

This is my cure this is my life this is my C ...

40 Below Summer


What it cost me to assimilate myself

It engulfed me and turned me into someone else

It is crashing right into your face

Everlasting it seems to suffer in this

Please release me ...

40 Below Summer

All About You

Hey baby, I'm choking (I'll help you breathe)

Hey baby, I'm smoking (I'll set your mind at ease)

I feel you inside (what do you want from me)

I want you to open wide

I'm ne ...

40 Below Summer


I can't believe it's so hollow in here in this hole

I can't conceive this time is borrowed now

I can't go on anymore

Turn on the lights now, wake me up!

Is there a way to see t ...

40 Below Summer

Better Life

Take that weight off your shoulders

It's kinda hard when it keeps getting colder inside

There's no heart just a place where the souls been all torn apart

No chance for repentence the ...

40 Below Summer


You believe every word I say and always took the time to understand

You took my breath away, is that you slipping right through my hands

Just like a shooting star falling from the sky

40 Below Summer


Think about your life think about your life in the ground

Think about your pain think about it then suck it down

Think about the road think about that your on

Think about your life n ...

40 Below Summer


Chase this tease into the open wave

And take this leash into your inner slave

Follow me into the open end

Now gather these pieces of broken man

I will set in motion ...

40 Below Summer


(feat. Cristian Machado of Ill Nino)

Set me off you can calculate pushing me

Tormented by the agony of everyday

Died, dissolve, descend I'm by myself I'm by myself

Agai ...

40 Below Summer

Falling Down

It's gonna bite today (right) to open a can of pain (wrong)

Sun scorched and blistering (run) - do you know that it's all (gone)

Kiss my eyes shut to bash it in - it's just anoth ...

40 Below Summer


And I want you - and I need to

Cut you and hold you in place - as I rip you apart

This blood on my face - but I loved you so hard

I can't escape - I'm crawling inside

You can't ...

40 Below Summer

Letter To God

can scratch the surface

And find out where you hide

I can fight the reason

For all those souls inside

Comfort in oppression

For all your wasted time

So wallow ...

40 Below Summer

Little Lover

Hellhound hellbound hot on ya trail and hungry for the sound of ya cryin

Cold shivers in the black said I'll light the match I'm burnin hot like ya


Overdose when I push ...

40 Below Summer

Minus One

So come on turn me loose

And keep it tight - tight like that noose

What's wrong with this picture

Shit flies when I pull the trigger

Too bad repercussion

Shit stomp ...

40 Below Summer

Monday Song

Life is lost for me, and everything I dream

Picture me above the sky on this half day closing

Ride the wave say goodnight drifting slowly

I see the world in your eyes it's relentless ...

40 Below Summer

Power Tool

I shut your eyes and I fed you lies

I'm up inside - now I cannot hide

those burns on your skin

and the stains on your grin

I took your pain

now you're dropped again< ...

40 Below Summer


It's cold it's hard and I'm locked inside this

I've gone too far I can't rectify this

I walk away falling into

It's such a shame how I'll miss you

I feel shot can you reach me< ...

40 Below Summer


Why'd you take that away from me -

Just one taste and I needed a little more of your sweet honey

I want you to feel my pain

I want you - don't walk away

I need you - the ti ...

40 Below Summer


hallow this, and maybe you can swallow this.

I dunno i guess it always seems that something else in this life is diseased.

but guess what now, heres something that you cant devour.

40 Below Summer

Self Medicate

Can you hear yourself, free yourself, fuck yourself

Can you fix yourself, fill yourself, trust yourself

Cloud your vision

And just medicate yourself and just separate yourself


40 Below Summer

Smile Electric

One time in my life......

It won't be such a pain

Just a couple of guys with the vibe in every way

We'll put it together - shuttin it down

And you'll watch me pull the leve ...

40 Below Summer

Step Into The Sideshow

Come step up to the plate

And please allow me to demonstrate

As you step into the rear of the sideshow bus

Strap it on cuz it's time to get a head rush

Twist the cap and ta ...

40 Below Summer

Still Life

Make this clear in a statement

And break me here through the pavement

And I can trust in the silence

And I'll adjust to the violence...

Inside... I can't deny... I've burne ...

40 Below Summer

Suck It Up

One more time to dig into my skin

You'll ignite so I can burn again

Sick like that - you'd better walk away

And set to snap - before I demonstrate

Played on this, you sp ...

40 Below Summer


Spill these lies all you ever want to do is

fill these eyes With tears it's all you need to do to

magnify Everything about you is to justify

to feel my pride

Ready to ca ...

40 Below Summer

Take that weight off your shoulders

You believe every word I say and always took the time to understand

You took my breath away, is that you slipping right through my hands

Just like a shooting star falling from the sky

40 Below Summer

Taxi Cab Confession

Close your eyes and come with me to a new place

where we are unstoppable

Inhale and let the smoke fill your lungs and breath the impossible

And as we follow these foot prints a new w ...

40 Below Summer


Cut off quickly two inch life

killing slowly died through these eyes

Sweating shaking etched on your face

bending breaking burning away

I'm so lost that I've slipped

40 Below Summer

We The People

We the people must JUMP!

It's all insane - for this - for shame

To walk inside this life - that's why

We the people must JUMP!

Come - take a stand

I ...

40 Below Summer

Wither Away

Is it all just a shape, a twist of fate, that leaves me open

Will it all fade away, from my life, and leave me broken

It's all just a game - as you left me here to wallow

It's all ...

40 Below Summer

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