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By Myself

Fightin it's such a struggle and I got so far
Got so far to go
Don't want to except no answers
But I ain't got nothing
Got nothing to show

It's such a struggle but I gotta do it
By myself


Do Unto Others

Ain't really got nothing to say
It all comes across in a negative way
You, you best learn about bout be humbled
Cause you too you'll wind up stumbled

Not one bit of substance
In a word they s ...


Don't Tread On Me

Lie to all your friends
The trouble never ends
You're gonna take a fall
And I don't care at all

Stabbed me in the back
Somone I trusted
Let's get things straight
Don't tread on me

I thou ...


Face The Facts

You'd better face those facts
It's the blind leadin the blind
And there ain't no turning back
There's a rhythm to this madness
And I think it's gettin strange
I can feel it in the air it's ti ...


Hard Times

Hard times are comin your way
You're gonna have to rise above it some day
Organize your life and figure it out
Or you'll go under without a doubt

Hard times! Hard times!
Seems i'm bein forc ...


Life Of My Own

Memories of the times you had
That's the way you see yourself
You fight for your rights
You fight to survive

You come into this world
With nothing except yourself
You, you leave this world



I just can't get through to you
Despite all the ways
I try or any of the things I do
Maybe I'd be better off talkin to a wall
Cause you ain't making any sense at all

I'm walkin and I'm talk ...


Seekers Of The Truth

Wastin my time servin my mind
For sense pleasures I can find
Gotta get back, back to the truth
You know it was left behind

It's so easy to see, if you wanna be free
Don't wanna be just a sl ...


Show You No Mercy

I tried to stop myself
Told you those games ain't good for yourself
Gave ya advice cuz I thought you could hear
Better listen closely cuz your end is near

Won't show you no mercy at all
Gon ...


Street Justice

Street justice happening all around you see
Won't try to talk my way out
Don't try to play those speech games anymore

Street justice! Street justice! Street justice!

No w ...


Survival Of The Streets

Livin inside enclosed walls
Got no money in my pockets
No pictures on the walls
Wake up with a gun on my head
That's the life, the life I've lead

What can I do?

Life's hard so
I gotta b ...


We Gotta Know

Strugglin in the streets just trying to survive
Searchin for the truth is just keepin us alive
Gotta break these shackles gotta break these chains
Said the only way we'll do it is if we use our b ...


World Peace

All you hippies better start to face reality,
All your far fetched dreams of anarchy,
Better start to see things the way they are,
Cause the way things
Are going they won't be goin' far.

Wo ...


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