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An Eclectic Manner Lyrics

Symbolical and sheeting, in an eclectic manner,

Institutional monotheism holds the banner

Martial and creed;

You think they will provide anything you need?

You reckon it's diver ...


Chaos Deathcult Lyrics

Esoteric knowledge about the last of things.

My sweet eschatological vision.

Foundation for the renewal of the world,

immemorial sins, never redeemed.

Suppressed, oppressed, neve ...


Core Solution Lyrics

Default by any means - competence and skill

Keep acting like you care still

Gathered in pride, howling of joy

Why don't you realize you're short of a decoy?

Illusion - Hibernati ...


Deduced to Overkill Lyrics

Ultra death, hardcore trash; give me your call.

Holy death, in presence of which I gave you it all

Conformity through terror, rapture through restrain.

It's like putting your life all ...


Electric Current Lyrics

Worlds onto planets, existence built on faith

We are the generation of the earth, mastered at any rate

We are the people of the stars, mansions of the moon

Come take us home where we bel ...


Hammer Revelation Lyrics

A depiction of the lamb, the lion, deplorably portrayed.

The beast, the dragon, as in shadowy imagery,

have the power to take away peace on earth.

The threshold's here as the sun turn ...


No Name Above The Names Lyrics

Planets beyond numbers; worlds concealed by faith

Our thoughts will turn the sublunary worldview straight

Order in chaos from an indefinite system

One step mistaken and the great scale i ...


Psyklon Aeon Lyrics

Congregation unity; faint as your ideology

Concentrate all in sterility

Morals runs riot in an endless variety

Of fragmentary post-solidarity

Never share the effort, symmetry in ...


Specimen Eruption Lyrics

Growth; is that what it takes?

Disintegration; a world full of snakes

This is Machiavellian Strategy,

An extensive form of tragedy

Evolution; countercharge the ambivalence



Storm Detonation Lyrics

Manifestation of the Storm Detonation.

Abandonment, renunciation, nuclear abrasion.

Maximum reality, ultimate reality.

What do you long for, Doomsday or Alienation?

The first ...


Subtle Manipulation Lyrics

Subtle manipulation, it all comes down to accommodation

Integrity of belief, integrity of behaviour

You reckon they are your saviour?

A generation of no return, howling, it becomes ...


Terrordrome Lyrics

What can be heard of the sentiment of soilent green?.

The B-29 Bomber, Enola Gay; a personified Grim Reaper,

leaving behind a mushroom-cloud and heavy ground haze,

a manmade eclipse,c ...


The Prophetic Method Lyrics

A synthesis of collective existence

A dialectic of the old order and the new world

Demise; a fall of Absolutes

Imminence; a choir of celestial flutes

Discontinuity between the ...


Two Thousand Years Lyrics

Two thousand years of unrealised eschatology

No hold for divine dispensation

Obey through my external service

Value my redemptive power

Feel so much gratitude,

Only levelled ...


Worm World Lyrics

Planetary sickness, the state of the world.

Time, Death, God;

inbreed overkill altered through decayed moral causing global infection.

Compulsion of matter,

the remaining part of ...


Zycloned Lyrics

Stereogothic void - predestination of being.

Psychothronic schizoid - conditioning the future.

Past without content - life without meaning

The New World Inc. executes standardizat ...


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