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 Arwen Arwenпрогрессив- металлическая группа


In a darkness full of dreams
In a light without hope
prisioner of the shadows
for something that you don't know
when it began

It's a sphere which I can't discern
What's illusion and what is ...


At The End

Endless time... show me the way
the light of the end...
endless time... show me the way
the light of the end...

My life goes out as a flame
my old eyes die sad and tired
I feel the fear in ...


Between Love And Pain

Look through time
fell the heat on your skin
breezes're whispering a tale
remember what I say

Girl made of stone
show me your burning heart
full of feelings that an arrow crossed

I see ...


By My Own Sight

You would surrender
If I talked to you about hell (sometimes it's life)
There are no guilty but a dirty trick

When you're a survivor
There's no place where you can hide
(You'll never try aga ...


Dance Of Souls

Beyond those cold mountains an old mansion lies
It was a silent witness of terrible crimes
Blood paints the walls with gloomy lines
Screams are drowned in the deep blackness

They were harmles ...



I had a vision in my mind
where it was a different world
there people lived other life
in a time out of our control

I've seen moonlight and sun shine
more where sky is pure and clean
I've f ...



I hear your voice again
Through the wind in dreams inside me

The brithness of your eyes
Stays in my mind
All the time

Fly away...my memories
I don't know where
And my tears still fallin ...


Fantasy Of Reality

Long ago I wanted to know
Why may dreams come?
Are they the reflections of our own lives?
Strange blend of my imagination
And my confused thoughts

Through the valleys of knwoledge
By the lo ...



I am a lonely man
I don't know how I can scape
I am a living statue laying in a bed
Only my mind wants to abandon this jail
I am a tired woman
Full of constant pain because her loved
Wants to ...



Only void, only silence
A point of bright light
Was lost in deep darkness

Energy, stronger forces
United for the beginning of existence
Then a miracle came out
Millions of stars, thoudsands ...



I walk under the touch
Of the frozen snow
Wind whispers new words

The forests are sad
Trees die young
Leaves change their colours and fall

Why don't birds sing again?
Why doesn't grass ...



Don't you cry, I'm right here with you
Feel the darkness running away from here
Don't you cry, I will stay with you
Nightmares, demons... all end now

So close your eyes and you will travel
T ...


New Life

Broken promised and
lies for a different world
living locked below of their key

Deceits from their dirty world
trying to steal, with egoism,
the justice for all

New life carry us to wond ...


No More Tears

For those people who believe they
Can decide who lives
Who is wrong and who must doe for this sins

For those people who pretend (taking justice by)
To install their laws (their own hands)
Fo ...


Once Upon A Time

There is a goblin
who a wonderous story tells
of a witch and a forest and
how on it she puts evil spells

Then sadness arrived there
she blackened the skies there
and the tears of a mountain ...


One Reason To Live

I wake up and my day is very dark
The sadness of my soul
The pain in my brain destroy my way
And my life...
Vanishes, escapes, slips
Is lost without love
I would need support!

I will try i ...


Riding Alone

Shadows darken my head
I can't remember well
Yesterday, I was a quiet woman!

Why did I have to see it?
Why must I live while my people have been cruelty killed?
Damned white men, that said t ...


So High

I feel it in my soul
arising from within my heart
seeing it with my eyes

I can see hills below me
the green woods blending
with the deep blue of sea

Where am I going? I don't know
What ...


Somewhere In The Past

Where am I? Don't know how
Could I have arrived
In this age at this place
I was sent to another strange dimension!

Someone has entrused me a mission
Taking me off to the past

So many que ...


Time's Gate

Feel the force
a new time's coming now
wars reign and
peace dies in this world
tormented minds try to destroy
the last of human races
all is burning in the flames of fire

Tell me why our c ...


Touch The Sky

While the life (is in my) voice in our hands
We're sure the effort's worth it
Time never goes by
We're dreaming awake
Flying so far, to touch the sky!

I look behind
A song rising in our liv ...


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