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Call Out The Warning

Face a dark life they cannot see
It's for their own greed not humanity
And they make the choice that will be their fall
It's a terror nightmare, they blindly call - yea

And they say that ther ...

Fifth Angel

Cry Out The Fools

Call to me she speaks with evil eyes
Drawn away with whispers, of her spell
All escape but leave their souls behind
She has you trapped, inside her private hell

Hear her whisper, in the morn ...

Fifth Angel

Fade To Flames

Here in this silent world, I know it's sure
Only in days of cold could I speak the words
Now I'm cast out again, sent far away
There's nothing left of me, on my judgment day

Sailing an endle ...

Fifth Angel

Fifth Angel

In a land far from nowhere
With a false god as a king
They rejoice and sing
In the night their chanting rings
In the dark mist they wonder
If it's true, the distant spell
They look to the sk ...

Fifth Angel

In The Fallout

Waiting in a cold room dark for hours
And the time goes on so slow
Carried by desire for survival
From the crying wind that blows

Day into night, you can see their fear
It goes on, and on, ...

Fifth Angel

Only The Strong Survive

Follow a madness, called by your desire
Always unending, driving ever higher

You know how slim your chance is, trapped here alive
Fighting the circumstance
But you know, in the end, only the ...

Fifth Angel

Shout It Out

Almost daylight, as the watch carries on he sees plans being laid
Always knowing, with the time coming near the ones who will be saved

Hear their laughter, as they gather around and watch a fo ...

Fifth Angel

The Night

I see on television savagery and madness every day
Our twisted minds are spinning, coming ever closer to the break

Hide your eyes, don't watch them suffer
Can't you see the action isn't real
S ...

Fifth Angel

Wings Of Destiny

Take the children
March them off to war
Only numbered
To count down the final score

Lay in waiting
For the end to come
And their only chance
Is loaded in their gun

They're riding on th ...

Fifth Angel

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