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A To Z

Please read me the phone book
From Abraham to Zuckerman
All addresses and names
Both Christian and sur-

You've my full attention
Yes I am the lucky one
To carry each word
From the plac ...

Даррен Хэнлон

All These Things

From every shadow there are things that follow you
From your late night dead end job
From the old neighborhoods where you grew
There's a fallen satellite
(Natalie) That keeps me awake at night ...

Даррен Хэнлон

And The Days Were Just Packed

You try not to believe what you already know
You walk through neighborhoods they said you shouldn't go
Just so you can feel
Something that's real
If you thought college was hard then wait till ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Beta Losers

The warranty expiry date has been and gone and no-one even noticed
But all our friends were there when you broke down
Since when did our relationship become obsolete?
I'm sorry if thought that t ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Butterfly Bones

When one year ends and another begins and the sky is a shower of sparks
With your skinny girl arms with the hairs on their ends like exclamation marks
Well I admit I was scared, I felt unprepared ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Cast Of Thousands

We broke up about a year ago, we split amicably of course
Then I heard about your accident, you fell off a horse
I took flowers to the hospital, when in turn the intern said
That he'd help me fi ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Cheat The Future

Over three hundred thousand stars make up the solar system
They hang around all night and talk to anyone who'll listen
And lecture you on which way you're bound to go
But the only thing he think ...

Даррен Хэнлон


I remember seeing you for the first time
In grade one
You had your hair in pigtails
Mine was cut with a basin
It was Saint Patrick's on the hill
Our parents did enlist
When you first spok ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Don't Bogart My Heart

Car wheels, high heels
I like how it feels out at night in the city

The wonder that your face is
could really take you places
you never thought possible
so why lie awake a-listening for my ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Don't Want To Pay

The doors to the cinema
Are open for the taking
Like a cat on a mouse
I'm ready to pounce
Before my nerve starts breaking
And if I'm caught by the ticket collector
I promise I will always ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Electric Skeleton

To attract their stares and frowns
Wear your pajamas down town;
'Cause there's nothing that's worth doing
When there's no one else around.
A reactionary slogan
Painted blue, across a wall.

Даррен Хэнлон

Eli Wallach

I've only known you for 10 minutes but I'd prefer you didn't die just yet
You're on a horse, your hands are tied and there's a rope around your neck
One of them's good, the other ones bad and you' ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Ends Of The City

On the very day my travel card expired
I rode the train
All day
And took it to the place each line retired
The fate of every train

Oh (oh)
Oh (oh)
Oh (oh)

If some authority had sto ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Falling Aeroplanes

Boy threw his guitar down and started beating his brow,
no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t justify.
All a waste of time spent inventing words and rhyme,
as the stars and the planets and the ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Fingertips And Mountaintops

On the Town hall stairs
They're sunbaking in pairs
You try not to look suspicious
But there's always someone
Happy to remind you
It snuck up behind you
Everything slowed sown
And then yo ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Fire Engine

Ripples round the bar they don't know what to think
For prince of the pen has himself a new favourite drink
To blow on bruised skin takes away the sting
I've half a mind to take him for a fling

Даррен Хэнлон

Folk Insomnia

There's rumbling in the head again
Inside the head there lived a brain
Inside the brain there lived a dream
That shot 'round like a laser beam
Along nerve endings and synapses
Past the room ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Funpark Fugitives

Does she remember the 4th of December?
She wants to sacrifice her summer with me
Let's start the car and head for the fun parks
We don't pay admission, we're sneaking in

Match made on a se ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Happiness Is A Chemical

On the glass that wraps the telephone box
An impatient bystander knocks
The receiver, put it back back down in it's place,
In the some things should be said to the face,
I'm a believer.
You ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Happy Birthday (For Yesterday)

Did you skate figure eight
On the ice in Central Park?
Did you throw balls of snow
At your friends until dark?

I guess I wanted to say...

I first called you when I woke up
I think it w ...

Даррен Хэнлон

He Misses You Too, You Know

Hello stranger it's been a while since I last heard your voice
It seems like only yesterday when we both shared a house
Now there's a thousand miles of phone cable between us,
But I can tell tha ...

Даррен Хэнлон

I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You

I wish that I was beautiful for you
I wish that I inspired tiny fireworks inside the way you do
So delicately made
A prayer left unprayed
Before the morning sky fades
Up to blue
And I wish ...

Даррен Хэнлон


Your things do not belong here
They now look out of place
Just like a crooked painting
Your face would not stay straight
We've got to get out while we can
Our peace we will forever hold
On ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Magazine Theory

I hate all my clothes; they're all falling apart
Does the colour of my shirt match the collar of my heart?
When was the last time you checked your machine?
And I'm wondering will you ever get th ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Old Dream

The stray, it came, followed us home
It brushed around our four legs
And looked past them to the door
We just laughed and shook our heads
And secretly hoped it'd come back
The next day...

Даррен Хэнлон

Operator... Get Me Sweden

If at all remotely possible don't you think I'd try
If not for fear of falling don't you think I'd fly
13 000 miles across perilous land and sea
But instead I'll sit right here and miss her terr ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Record Store

Step into the great outdoors
After all it would be wrong to stay inside
I know
When the first chimney takes its chances
And despite their branches all the leaves decide
It's time to go
And ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Romance Is Deafening

Well he agreed wholeheartedly before I finished my sentence
Which led me to believe he wasn't listening in the first place
My distracted beholder looked over my shoulder to his sweet beheld
All ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Service Station

Service station
I hope you're open tonight
It's getting late and
My eyes they search for your light
Please send a sign for me to know
It's not far to go

Pull songs out of the nig ...

Даррен Хэнлон

She Cuts Hair

She works across the river from my house
I work at getting to know her
Over the bridge to the lonely town
To walk it's not that far
Some days I make it my mission to drive
Right passed her s ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Spend Christmas Day With Me

Spend Christmas Day with me
Of all the places in the world you choose to be
If you're here early we'll go out and find a tree
I'm sharpening the axe
We'll drag it home behind us for to cover u ...

Даррен Хэнлон

That's How I Know

An old lost book has re-appeared with the pages all dog-eared
That's how I know you've been here
The gardens gone to wrack and ruin
But I'll be up at the crack of noon
In time to seize the eve ...

Даррен Хэнлон

The Kickstand Song

Up until now my ideas have been latent
The cycling word has never been the same
But come first light I'll be taking out a patent
And from that day
If a bike be found lying on the ground again, ...

Даррен Хэнлон

The Ostracism Of Vinny Lalor

All around the room in a whirl
You saw dancers catch fire when you were still a girl
In a town that's built on the whispers of tattlers
But yet to inspire a single a single dot in the Commonweal ...

Даррен Хэнлон

The People Who Wave At Trains

When the storm will come only the birdscan tell, but humans should be allowed to know as well.
I've some friends on the ground but the rest are in the sky, but we'll all meet again in the sweet bye ...

Даррен Хэнлон

The Unmade Bed

I've chosen to remember you exactly as you are
If looks could be pickled and stored in a jar

1997 trapped inside a conversation
That party was so loud I felt like an abbreviation of myself


Даррен Хэнлон

Title Fight: Heart V Mind

There's a good chance that before we met
There were days I'd walked right past her
But now I'm seeing her tomorrow or maybe the day after
I have to tell myself to slow down, it's early days stil ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Two Days In A Foreign City

A telegram requesting rendezvous
Ones here on business, others passing through
A reply sent to sender 'neath the weight of a postage stamp

Let's not forget how we doled out our blames like ble ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Video Party Sleepover

Well it's a video party sleepover
Yeah we're gonna stay up all night
It's a video party sleepover
Yeah we're gonna stay up all night

Welcome to the hour
The prophecy of pixel power
Hits ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Video Store

Well they met at Business College
She made a ledger of his heart
He never knew how good it felt
Until they pushed their desks together
He added up the minutes they spent walking to her car
T ...

Даррен Хэнлон

When The Chorus Hits The Verse

I want to sing with you tonight
Oh baby on the other side
When the chorus hits the verse
I got a sinking feeling
The sweetest thing you ever had
Wrapped in a song could make you sad
She cu ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Winter Takes Fall

Today I left my house in shorts
But now I'm having second thoughts
Something's not the same
The wind just called my name

So I stop to look around
Maybe it was just sleight of sound
It's ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Wrong Turn

On the journey that you take from womb to worm
You're silently pushed into each wrong turn
What gives?

I found a bar filled up with ancient Chinese sages
All playing bingo, pinball
Could'v ...

Даррен Хэнлон

Yes, There Is A Slight Chance He Might Actually Fail

I gave you a flower
He gave you a whole bunch
He cut you a diamond
I cut you your lunch

I read you a pamphlet
He wrote her a whole book
He paid them both to the movies
I stole you a ...

Даррен Хэнлон

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