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would you like to meet the villain somewhere

underneath the skull of a moon.

fire burned his eyes out

cause his chains are too long for you.

someone has to pay for the dama...

Джефф Бакли

beware the bottled thoughts of angry young men.

secret compartments hide all of the skeletons.

little girl wants to make her home with him,

in the middle of the shore, she wonders...

Джефф Бакли

once i was a soldier

and i fought on foreign sands for you

once i was a hunter

and i brought home fresh meat for you

once i was a lover

and i searched behind your ey...

Джефф Бакли

i once was open and one with a travelling heart.

i loved this sweet guy.

just like a fiction rushing in your riverbed.

arise like applause in my head.

and in the half-light...

Джефф Бакли

southern trees bear strange fruit,

blood on the leaves and blood at the root,

black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,

strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Джефф Бакли

and i will stroll the merry way

and jump the hedges first

and i will drink the clear

clean water for to quench my thirst

and i shall watch the ferry-boats

and they'l...

Джефф Бакли

the boy with the thorn in his side

behind the hatred there lies

a murderous desire for love

how can they look into my eyes

and still they dont believe me

how can the...

Джефф Бакли

the other woman finds time to manicure her nails

the other woman is perfect where her rival fails

and she's never seen with pin curls in her hair

the other woman enchants ...

Джефф Бакли

Circle around the park, joining hands in silence

Watch the evil black the sky

The storm has ripped the shelter of illusion from our brow

This power is no mystery to us now


Джефф Бакли

we strolled through fields all wet with rain

and back along the lane again

there in the sun shine

in the sweet summertime

oh the way that young lovers do

i k...

Джефф Бакли

i have no desire to make contact with all the thought of "no, no".

i shiver now, to think of how this answer asked her, no.

long time gone.

i run to my hide out.


Джефф Бакли

i have no desire to make contact with all the thought of "no, no".

i shiver now, to think of how this answer asked her, no.

long time gone.

i run to my hide out.


Джефф Бакли

three is a magic number, yes it is, it's a magic number.

somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity, you get three as a magic number.

the past and the present and the future,

faith ...

Джефф Бакли

lady, all the troubles are my fright, i disgust you.

feel the power. you cut the truth into you.

why? did you think i did not on this rely?

i could kiss you, with lines of escape ...

Джефф Бакли

love me love me love me

say you do

let me fly away

with you

for my love is like

the wind

and wild is the wind

give me more

than one care...

Джефф Бакли

i was standing by my window

on a cold and cloudy day,

when i saw the hearse come rollin'

for to take my mother away.

will the circle be unbroken?

by and by L...

Джефф Бакли

ghost calls to visit

with my keys in his pocket

kisses in my mouth with his

eyes hanging out of his sockets

my memories crumble

under still resistance

i was...

Джефф Бакли

through the yard, through the yard of blonde girls.

through the river and the sea.

gold sharks glittering.

a tree of white breaks the earth.

the streets where lola played.<...

Джефф Бакли

at a glance from the cup-bearer

i gulped the whole cup of wine in one

draught and thus got intoxicated.

o'divine mercy pardon my slip from

grace as my eagerness for...

Джефф Бакли

you and i.

ah, the calm below that poisoned river wild, you and i.

tears that dry on a rude awakened child.

where you look down. ive walked before,

burning holes with ey...

Джефф Бакли

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