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Coming Down Tonight

I been desert hot down in Phoenix

I been smoggy hot out in L.A.

I been high 'n dry hot in Colorado

I been charred out on the Midwest Plains

I been madhatter flattened by the heat in Manhattan

I been muggy on the Mighty Miss

I been burned like a stick on Route 66

But I ain't never been this


Hot'lanta, how come you do me this way

When you're 99 in the noonday sun

And a hundred and one in the shade

Hot'lanta, I think I prefer your nights

With your cosmopolitan cafй women

How they do go on and on

Down in Hot'lanta

In a fuselage in a crowded sky

I was trying very hard not to think

But in a paranoid vision of the worst that could happen

I asked my stewardess "Just one more drink"

The cabin temperature had me in a blur

I was shaking by the time we touched down

We hit that tarmac

Hell bent for Mary Mac's

Back in your sizzlin' town


38 Special

Coming Down Tonight / 38 Special

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