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Why Don't You Stay

There's an old sayin'
That just won't leave my mind
And you know I've been praying
Girl you know that you're one of a kind
And I know that you're lonely, baby
And I know you've been sad
And I've been dyin' to see you

There's a picture of you
That's deep inside of my soul
And I wouldn't do
Anything you didn't want me to
'cause I get a little worried darlin'
'cause you gotta keep on the right track
And I'm callin' you
So won't you please come back


Baby why don't you stay
I can't stop you from leavin'
Baby don't go away
You gotta keep on believin'
Baby why don't you stay
Let's make a brand new start
And let's have a little heart to heart

So let's make a toast
To the times that we've had
'cause I love you the most
Thru' the good and thru' the bad
If you want good lovin'
You know where I will be
So won't you please come back
Baby come back to me

And let's make a brand new start
'cause the only thing that I want
Is for you to be happy, baby

Baby why don't you stay...

Гленн Хьюз

Why Don't You Stay / Гленн Хьюз

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