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Гленн Хьюз Гленн ХьюзБританский вокалист, бас-гитарист

The Liar

I can see your eyes are burnin'
I can feel your wheels are turnin'
In my heart I've been mistreated
The mistakes I've made before
I've just repeated


I should have listened
Now the writing's on the wall
And you don't know what
You've been missin'
Now you're headed for the fall
You're the one they call the liar

In the night while you lay sleepin'
But your mind still lies awake
Out there deceiving

I don't want to let go
But I have to get away
Now I want to let you know
That I'm leaving here today
You're the one they call the liar

Say goodbye, now stop your cryin'
I won't take those alibis
Oh, you've been lyin'

I should have listened

Гленн Хьюз

The Liar / Гленн Хьюз

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