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Ричард Маркс Ричард МарксСовременный американский поп- и рок-певец, автор-исполнитель, продюсер

Take This Heart

I've been where you are before

No one understands it more

You fear every step you take

So sure that your heart will break

It's not how the story ends

You'll be back on your feet again


Baby, this time

There ain't nothing gonna take this heart away

No more goodbyes

There ain't nothing gonna take my heart away

The pain's still alive in you

For what one man put you through

You say that we're all the same

But I'm called by no other name

We all need a place to run

Won't you let me be the one

Repeat Chorus

Don't keep the dream in you locked outside your door

Just believe in this love

And don't be afraid anymore

I need you to please be strong

I've waited for you too long

Repeat Chorus

There ain't nothing gonna take this heart away

Oh whoah

Ричард Маркс

Take This Heart / Ричард Маркс

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