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Ричард Маркс Ричард МарксСовременный американский поп- и рок-певец, автор-исполнитель, продюсер

Don't Mean Nothing

And even if you don't go all the way, I know that you'll go far

This race is for rats, It can turn you upside down

Ain't no one you can count on in this sleazy little town

Oh, no

Lots of promises in the dark

But don't you open your heart


Cause it don't mean nothin'

The words that they say

Don't mean nothin'

These games that people play

No, it don't mean nothin'

No victim, no crime

It don't mean nothin'

Till you sign it on that dotted line

The director smiles as you walk in the door

He says, "I love your work, babe"

But you're just not what we're looking for

It's never what but who it is you know

So easy to get stuck in all that California snow

Take a good look around and you'll find

People tryin' to mess with your mind

Repeat Chorus

Hollywood can be so lonely

Make you the winner of a losing fight

But the party is never over

Cause stars are always shining

Doesn't matter if it's day or night

The producer says, "let me change a line or two"

And a little bit of something can look awfully good to you

And you want to scream, but you gotta keep it all inside

When you're trying to make a living,

There ain't no such thing as pride, no

Lot of promises in the dark

But don't you open your heart

Repeat Chorus

It don't mean nothing at all...

Ричард Маркс

Don't Mean Nothing / Ричард Маркс

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