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Ричард Маркс Ричард МарксСовременный американский поп- и рок-певец, автор-исполнитель, продюсер

Playing with Fire

Hey, you got the look of a lonely woman's eyes,

what'cha thinking when you're standing so close to me?

Ain't no law says a man can't fantasize,

there's a secret locked up in you tight

Ooh! I'd love to turn the key.

Whoah, playing with fire...fighting my desire, baby...

...my conscience is a liar.

Oh, Lord, have mercy on the shameless sinner...!

...walking on a wire, now I...I face the crucifier,

What'cha doin' to me?

Live by rules made up by society,

but I guess I must have missed Election day

'cause so much about you looks so good to me, yeah!

for what I'm thinking I could go to jail,

but some laws are born to break...

...stakes are getting higher, now I...

...I think I'm losin' it...

Ричард Маркс

Playing with Fire / Ричард Маркс

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