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Of beast and man am I,

Transformed by the full moon's shine

I'm ripping the flesh, and eating the young

I am the unhuman one

All legends tell of me, creating a killing spree

What the legend doesn't say, is that I'm coming back one day!


Hide your children and lock the doors

Soon I come on my blackened horse and scythe!

Hide your daughters and shut off the lights

I'll come back for more when Satan needs more soldiers out for war:

It's a Deathexplosion!

I'm riding fast, creating a storm, you can not hide from me

My horse is black but not as black as my soul

Death is about to soon explode!


It's a Deathexplosion! It's a deathexplosion!

It's a Deathexplosion! Deathexplosion!


The death that they know that is me is what keeps them in fear

Their lives are still haunted, not in life, but at night when they dream

Old legends they say that his offspring will keep on killing

I see the morning star glowing brighter day by day!


Deathexplosion / Crown

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