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Death Metal Holocaust

Counted, counted, weighed and parted

Ripped to pieces - Ruled and numbered

Hands of doom - Break your wings - Bury you alive

Die before death - Nowhere to hide

A cold systematic ritual - Of silent choking torture

Pain beyond pain - Lay your soul to waste

Drive your dreams to dust

So I wreak my revenge - Draped in disguise

Huse of Hades - Open for me

Strength in darkness - Blasphemy

Smiling at the gates of hell

Pure soul distortion

Death Metal Holocaust - Death Metal Animal

We're shadows - Living dead

Ghouls to this world

Wilder, wilder, wilder, wilder

Counted, counted, weighed and parted

Wilder, wilder, wilder, wilder

Ripped to pieces - Ripped apart

My spirit exiled

My mind like space

My body - a weapong

Like a bullet through the void

Motorgods of apocalypse

Blood-engined Death-machines

High-speed Lords of the Underworld

Soul Hulks on the other side

A Natural force

Death black massive

Timeless storms

Ripping through the void - Like a roaring lion

Stalking the earth

With all sins of the world - Upon your shoulders

Morbid fullfillment of obscure dreams

Pure soul distortion

Awaken reprisal - The young blasphemic assault

Death Metal Holocaust - Death Metal Animal

Death Metal Holocaust - Death is The Crown Of All

Rotting, cursing, clawing at your coffin!


Death Metal Holocaust / Crown

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