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Out of Time

I've seen the darkness

Beat down on the world

Demons awaken into the fallen souls

Love crushed by the peoples folly

Sometimes I become aware

And I remember, the cold light

My body which becomes taut

The blood which flows out

From their empty eyes

A smile driven my person

And the lady in white moves

Toward me, she's afraid!

She's afraid

But wants to listen to me...

I don't want

To come back anymore

Cause I've understood

The reason for this

Will to live

Experienced so many


And suffering in flesh

Recognized in you

A part of me


This is our only chance

To keep the answers

We've acquired

A curse on humanity

A curse of life

A curse on me

A curse on you

She's afraid.

She's afraid of me C

Come with me into the darkness

Dive into your subconscious

Together we'll win


Out of Time / Alastis

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