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The God and the Idol

The Devil sings a Song

for superior Children, Darkness'own

seduces them as Worshippers

for His Paradise beyond

A fierce Hadit Kiss

I am the Flame in the Heart of Man

The Knowledge of Death

Beauty and Strength as Weaponry,

thus my Force and Fire

Pleasure of the secret Serpent

to let the Weak die in Misery

Divine Embrace and eternal Ecstasy

in this golden bridal Eyes

The Magic (k) of glorious Stars rains down

an Expiration sweeter than Death

"Love one another with burning Hearts

on the Weak trample in the fierce Lust of Thy Pride

on the Day of Wrath"

Be Thou proud and mighty

and strive ever to more!

The Slaves shall serve

and perish in their Veil of Sorrow

(There is no Truth except for

"Do what Thou wilt...")

This is the Law of the Strong

and the Joy of our World

"Liebet einander mit brennenden Herzen

und trampelt auf den niederen Menschen

in der wilden Lust Eures Stolzes

am Tage Eures Zorns!"

I usurp my innermost Throne

crown myself as King

in the Devil's Paradise

Ancient Ceremony

The God and the Idol / Ancient Ceremony

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