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The Wake

So baby, you don't have the time

Too busy, you can't see the crime

In keeping yourself to yourself

Well, girl

You don't look that good anyway

Persistence paid off in the end

She insisted we'd only be friends

That was then this is now one year later

It's not right, no not quite

All the lights are on but no-one's home tonight

Girl with a summer tan

Slips through my fingers like sand

All I wanted to see was you

Coming home to me

Smiled so wide I'm tearing my face

When she moved her stuff into my place

But all I see now are notes on a table

Yeah, I love you too

But what good does that do?

We gotta get together baby


Girl with a summer tan...

I go crazy pacing the floor

Learn my lines

Then you walk through the door

When I see you it fires something in me

Your loving shows

I wanna burn these clothes

Take your right there where you're standing

Lace and all.

Girl with a summer tan...


The Wake / IQ

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