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The Sense In Sanity

Ignited by the realizing eyes

Unwrapped around the solitary sound

A failing voice is railing under walls

Collapsing on the unfamiliar ground

O, empty heart, am I the only one ?

On pins alone or are we many born ?

Well, either way, you are what you've begun

And by the way, I never did you wrong

Nothing here is guaranteed, nothing's understood

Now that I am far beyond beginning to belong

Maybe I don't understand the sequence as I should

Can't tell left from right from wrong

God from bad from good

For all you know, for all you made of me

It's hard to keep the skin from tender bone

No earthly ties to hang me from on high

I wait beneath your overcrowded skies

Nothing here makes any grade

There's nothing I can do

Fed and watered though I was barely half alive

Time enough to tire me out but now I'm sleeping

I've lost the sense in sanity

Got the bad in good


The Sense In Sanity / IQ

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