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Fading Senses

Time takes my time

I, here to myself, hold the silence in

Torn from my hand

So heavy now you're a world away

Though they rage, these little lies

I've grown so cold

And will I see you

When I turn around?

Here I'll remain

Bound, ever bound, I am left to drown

In this space, I raise myself

And move somehow

To rearrange the brittle bones of you

Now it's done

And I resolve to make no sound

So they're come

Are they the ones

Who'll take me down?

Don't you cry precious tears for me

Passion killers and

Stocking fillers abound

When someone takes a dive

Surface breakers and

Undertakers surround

All but the fairest faces alive

Tension seekers and

Public speakers defend

These they have come to judge

Seasonned liars and

False messiahs descend

To lay on the feeling touch

And I've seen too much

Day by day and I don't know why

After all, don't we matter the same?

Reach for the sky

Don't break my heart

Are there no angels, only us?

Look how they've changed me

See what they've done

It has begun

Now as I lay me down to sleep

If I should die before I wake

Don't let me fail, don't ever break

Roll me out where I am

Let me in 'cause I've seen too much

Day by day and I don't know why

After all, maybe no-one's to blame

And it's not the same

I get this feeling from no-one else

Show me now

Are you out of my head?

Breaking borders, the chaos of lies

Caught in the terrible rain from the skies

Shaken as I am, her faith is as thin

She can remember the moment of madness so well

How many died right where they fell?

I was the first in that sinister bed

Closing the shutters and cutting the thread

Shackled and fettered I know who you are

Bleeding the heart and the mind as the rivers run red

Somebody said, "Here is Hell

Go wherever you can be

And live for the day

It's only wear and tear

Doesn't matter anymore

If I'm losing you

You're always everywhere

It's no wonder

I'm afraid of making amends

And shattering the fear

Now it's happening

I know it's going to come

So dark inside of here

What have they done?

Stay with me

Can you say where you are?

I'll be there, I'll do it, just tell me

I'll never let go

Never let go


Fading Senses / IQ

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