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The shadows fill the corners across the square

they come a-crawling to offer shelter, to haul me in

Without a needlepoint in the light

And the steel to still your tongue

The night hides a multitude of uncovered sins

The heart beating in Capricorn, I take on a guise

They won't define me anytime in the English rain

Will I feel an automatic release from all this pain ?

With no movement, undiscovered, I lie in wait

So what if you're sentimental

And I'm out of tears, out of sympathy ?

I'll make it look accidental

And I'll leave no sign to say your life was mine

No-one I think fell out of my tree

No-one I carried just the same

Thinner than most sinners and saints alive

Dare you speak my name ?

So what if you're temperamental

And I'm out of tears, out of sympathy ?

So what if I'm elemental ?


Capricorn / IQ

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