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Dig Your Own Grave

In every film she saw a girl never wanted more

Than some cool boy to love and hold her tight

She wasn№t so naive to hope for Keanu Reeves

But still she thought a boy could make things right

How would it feel to hold someone real

To whisper I love you and lean on his shoulder?

How would her heart react to the part

Where he puts his lips close to hers and he holds her

He just holds her?

Melanie, Melanie Melanie lies down to sleep

with a head full of dreams and hatches up schemes

Melanie Melanie Melanie plays make believe

With a heart so enthused if never yet used.

Well Melanie looked cool and soon she had quite a pool

Of hopefuil lovers swooning at her feet

But only one stood out, the boy with the film start pout

Was this the boy to make her life complete?

Then one romantic day he took her hand and led her away

He pushed her down, removed her clothes, and put his body closer than close

he held her mouth when she tried to scream

it was all so different from in her dream

he never smiled, he never whispered

he bit her hard, but never kissed her

Why does it feel so horribly real

when images of him float back into her mind?

Why does her heart hurt most at the part

when he gets up and disappears with no goodbye, with no goobye?

Melanie Melanie Melanie lies down to sleep

with a head full of dreams, such horrible dreams

Melanie Melanie Melanie plays make believe with a heart so confused

and feeling so used, no love left to lose.


Dig Your Own Grave / Heavenly

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