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City Baby Attacked By Rats

Shivers running down my spine, whose blood I know it's mine ?

I'm a moving target and I can't go home.

Chased forever and a day of my choosing my own way.

I don't wanna forget the things I've done.

I am the hunted ..

No-one's hurt now I've escaped no-one killed and no-one raped.

But I'm the monster they wanna catch.

My kids live alone with a stranger their mother's dead I killed her.

A moment's anger and a life of pain.

Running scared I know my number, I know no joy, only hunger.

I don't want to forget the things I've done.

Remorse regret, it's more than anger everywhere I go there's danger.

I could take my life but still no wife.

Stop and think with my mixed up mind of sanctuary I can find.

Another night like this and I think I'll die.

How can I prove my innocence when this country's run by ignorants ..

as blind and deaf as a newborn child ?


City Baby Attacked By Rats / G.B.H.

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