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 Mortiis MortiisНорвежская металл-группа

En Mork Horisont

First journey; En Mork Horisont

Second journey: Visjoner av ev eldgammel Fremtid

"In all the candles that I burn, I see the formations of horizons

dark. And in my mind hear voices cry, so sad. Behind the forests

(what do they hide?). In my nightmares I can see what they hide. So

evil, this place feels familiar in some way. It feels right."

"Still I must live on, create my reality that was, await the death

hour and depart. I can see the everlasting stars reflect themsleves

when I look down upon the surfaces of the bottomless lakes, those all

black lakes, going nowhere, being everywhere. Being the wet houses of

watery ghouls and spirits."

English translation of Norwegian


En Mork Horisont / Mortiis

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