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Snake Eyes Boogie

Baby lives in a trailer park

Only comes out after dark

Hates her mom hates the old man

Don't like living in a caravan

Oh taxi cab

It ain't nice 4 girls 2 grab

She's leaving town on a greyhound bus


Doing time 4 your baby

Sleazy Come Easy Go

Doing time 4 your man

Anyway u can

New York City, Hollywood

Just like she always knew she would

She's riding high she's playing the game

Moving fast as a hurricane

Oh taxi cab

It ain't nice 4 girls 2 grab

don't make a sound don't make a fuss


Private plane crystal queen best peruvian

You've ever seen

Lady luck took a dive

She's in stir doing 3 to 5

Oh where's that cab, I told you it ain't nice 2 grab

She's leaving town in a greyhound bus



L.A. Guns

Snake Eyes Boogie / L.A. Guns

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