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Revelation of Fire

Father and mother divorced as I began the school in hamilton

We had the same problem every night with daddy's addiction

Violence and drunkeness reigned his every day and made us down

I felt really distraught as he finally left our home

The time after was difficult, I felt rather unnerved

Because of my ugly appearance, they treated me like a fool

A misfit, I was derided by the girls of our school

I reached the height of my mental quandary

More and more I shied away and went my lonely way

The time of retaliation will come

Fear, pain, torment

They will come

Admiration, worship

They will treat me like a god

To talk with my schoolmates about girls was an abomination

Possessing a girl was my biggest sexual imagination

I had realized that this idea could never be reality

Dazzled through my sexual lust I planned many different strategies

I possessed no bad conscience only one aim in my eyes

The act of cruelty considered the last details in my mind

A long time to wait for the sunset and the sacrifice made me blind

She was my number one girl, young with her long fair hair

I struck her and dragged her body to the thicket where I raped her

At this moment you were my girl and my dream was reality

She saw my face, there was no other choice but to kill her

Only now I had understood what I had done

I left the scene of the crime quickly and went home

I can't live with the thoughts that I killed a young girl

This was my past but I'm not proud about now

Although I killed a girl, they couldn't give me a life sentence

After one year in the youth custody unit I will be free

Fortunately we all live in a cracked system where you can kill


Revelation of Fire / Messiah

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