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Muchhausen Syndrom

Overpowered by his tendency for evil

A man drew out an ancient magic formula

Painted two circles on the ground

And burned pine and poplar

Other ingredients followed into the cauldron

Opium, poppy, aloe, hemlock

As the flames blazed

He began to mutter his conjuration

Chosen from the devilish group

Send the big grey ghost

Who makes humanity tremble

Come, come, come

Steam and cintment begin to work

The man sinks to his knees

He implores to the ghost of the unknown

To give him the power of metamorphosis

I ask. I call. I implore you

You phantom of the darkness

Nobody's like you

Transform me into a werewolf

At last perfectly transformed in his fantasy

The werewolf hunts in the darkness

He serves the evil one

With heart, body and soul

He's damned night after night

Scouring dales in search of human victims

He knows that he's vulnerable

For defense he mutters the last words of the ritual

Smelt the ball, blunt the knife

Let the cudgel wear away

Terrorize man, wild animals

And reptiles shake in terror

Why they don't seize the grey wolf

And skin his warm coat

My word is strong, stronger than the sleep

Stronger than the strength of heroes


Muchhausen Syndrom / Messiah

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