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Lycantropus Erectus

I look in the mirror, I see another face

Waiting for my end will be my painful race

My appearance has altered since I consulted my surgeon

He told me about my illness, will survive one season

Drinking is what I need to forget my daily sorrow

Sadness is forgotten, will feel better tomorrow

Living with a confidence will not be better

My body is going weaker, my walking is a stagger

Jesus, I beg of thee, redeem my endless pain

Forgive my sin and save my life, that's only what I need

I prayed to you, every night, is this your thank to me?

I know you made this illness and drove me insane

It's my intention to fight this battle against you

Truth and denomination destroyed my life

There exists only hate and rage in my head

Pictures of my childhood cross my brain all the time

Happiness was easy, there weren't evil minds

Sadness was a foreign word, I never felt better

I played with my friends, day in, day out

I've got a lot of thoughts about my future

My body's a piece of misery, I'm crippled like a creature

Perishing in my bed and watching children play

Shall I wait for my end, will this be the right way

My torment is getting stronger, suicide is my solution

Nobody will cry for me, they will treat me like a felon

Everybody has forsaken me, delivery is my knife

Will suicide be the way to search for a new life


Lycantropus Erectus / Messiah

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