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Humans born healthy

We converse all the time

Humans born deformed

We avoid all of them

Your body's crippled, your face deformed

Your hand's mutilated, your skin's burnt

My body's well-shaped, my face is striking

My hand's delicate, my skin's very neat

I can't see in your eyes

Why don't you look at me?

You don't belong in our society

You belong in a closed sanatorium

I'm shocked by your body

You're angry at our refusal

I'm horrified by your face

You're infurious at our inequity

All dreadful beings are creations of god

God has decided you'll live as a clod

God has decided, ill or healthy

He forgot justice

Was this the life you wished for

Spending your life in a closed sanatorium


Epitaph / Messiah

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