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Condemned Cell

Agnus redemit oves:

Christus innocens patri

Reconciliavit peccatores

A lamp the sheep redeemeth:

Christ, who only is sinless

Reconcileth sinners to the father

It's written in the truth

I was crowned - I went down

Another man is raised - far too high up

A new emperor

Let him fear ruin! For in the scars it is written

Until he's shaken by the resonance of the seven trombones

Bel Marduk - glory to him by Chaldaeus

Later I saw an angel descending from the sky

One with great sway and the earth lit up

With his elevation and enlightment

The sinner was despised

Volupatis avidus - magis quam salutis

Mortus in anima - et ustus fortiter

I heard another voice amidst the lightning in heaven

Abscond Babylon and you won't share in the sin

And you won't partake in the pain

And as they glorified themselves and roused excess

To the same dreadful degree, they were overcome

By torment and despair

Up to heaven!

Os eius vias malus sederam elatus

Obdurat imperat ira vehementi sors turpissima

And I heard another cry from all of the trombones of retaliation

Abscond babylon and you won't partake in pain

Babylon - pray for the choir of horrors

Babylon - choir of horrors

Then I heard it from the heart of the city

I reign as a queen and I'm not a widow

Never will I feel regret, never

Babylon - pray for the choir of horrors

Babylon - choir of horrors

And so the pain will come

Plague, sorrow and hunger

In just one hour, you - might Babylon

Will perish in fire


Condemned Cell / Messiah

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