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 Messiah Messiahметалл-группа

Ascension of a Divine Ordinance

Time of puberty

Age of quandary

Sorrow and worries



I enigmatize

Weakness overcomes my body, my brain's so empty

I lose my appetite, day in day out

My body's deeply marked, I'm undernourished

Mental changes, my mind is splitting

Inferiority complexes, time to confess

Pride and power, is giving me the hunger

Depr4ession and apathy, is changing my spirit

Time to go hungry

It gives me great joy

Pleasure and satisfaction

To fight against

My hunger pangs

Gives me pride

Feeling of sheer terror

To see me in the mirror

I could be so fat

Every pound I lose

Helps me on the course

To my sheer perfection

I don't realize how bad my body's feeling

My eyes see only my perfect slim body

But really I'm a half-starved skeleton


Ascension of a Divine Ordinance / Messiah

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