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Akasha Chronicle

These are all true, sad stories

About many special people

And are dedicated for those who will fail

All of these people watched for the same light

After they died and were leaving the

Terrestrial existence

A man knew exactly when he would die

But with his christian faith, he prayed

He was living with a confidence

Raped bodies is a story of the lines of thought

Of a convicted man who realized at

Last his contrition as he sat in his

Condemned cell. He drifted into the new world

Of the dreams of eschaton

Anorexia nervosa is a condition that

Leaves mentally ill people looking

Like deformed creatures

The final story is about an old woman

Who is suffering from an incurable disease

She's regressing into childish behaviour with

Alzheimer's disease

We all have to accept the

Ascension of a divine ordinance

But will this be the ascension?

Will there be a light?

Will there be our lord of heaven?


Akasha Chronicle / Messiah

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