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 Tears For Fears Tears For Fearsрок-группа

Brian Wilson Said

My life, nothing was easy till now
Hope like the morning will paint the dawn
More than ordinary ( deep down )
Make it more than merry ( deep down )
Take me to the jamboree ( deep down )
And shine a light on me
Draw back the curtains and smile
Everything's wow !

Girls are ten penny janet, joy and jenny, judy, joan and jackie g
Hear me now I warn you
Girls from california break your heart and set you free
My life

Shame to rely, but I swear it's the best I can do
Like a flame, like an I with a dot I am not you
Call me guilty I swear I'm a man who can fly ( deep down )
I keep coming back, I'll get back to you

My life, nothing was easy till now

Tears For Fears

Brian Wilson Said / Tears For Fears

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