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The Guardian

Written By: Antoine Sicotte / Anastasia Friedman

How could I've been such a fool, you know I

I fell for a man with a one way ticket to the moon

Now that you're no longer here

I ask myself if I would love where would I be?

Too young to be cynical

Life's an eternal highway

I'll see ya one day

If my thoughts can't reach you

There's a place where you can find me

If my words can't soothe you

I believe you will be forever guiding me

Oh, don't be too cruel on yourself

Cause life has a funny way of putting us to the test

You know the saying what will be will be

I'm quite confident on the results I see

Distance is the only thing between you and me

I must believe

He came into my world like a dream

And left wishing stars

At the edge of my sleep

How was I supposed to know

By the time I awoke he was already gone


The Guardian / Sky

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