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Written By: Antoine Sicotte / Anastasia Friedman

Okay this it

It seems to me that I need a break from you, from myself

It don't matter no more now who's to tell

Everybody may think I'm wrong

But I'm the one who'll be laughing 'till the break-o-dawn

Gotta plan, his name is Stan

Believe it or not he dealt me a real good hand

Well you know I don't mind where this plane may take me

'Cause I ain't got no worries, I'm ready

Gotta run, gotta get away

Come back on another day

Tomorrow ain't so far away

I'll be smooth like butter baby

Hey man! Here I am

Away from the city

And its urban sounds

Snap shot! Feet in the sand

Can't stop laughing even when the sun's gone down

Some say this way

I guess I'll make my mind up on another day

So Stan, what's the plan?

Have you come around

To deal me another hand?

Well ou know I don't mind the walking

And I certainly don't mind the running


Smooth / Sky

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