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Written By: Antoine Sicotte / Anastasia Friedman

If I could go back

I wouldn't change a thing

'Cause like I said

It wasn't so bad

Being seventeen we'd have our way

When I get home

I hope that mother wouldn't be up late

Let me take you down memory lane

Where it all began

And if you dare to come along

Let me tell you about it

Remember when we used to

Hang around the park

Your father caught us

While we were kissing in the dark

Remember when we used to

Think about the day

Where we would be

And what we'd change

I'm moving along

Though I wish I wasn't growing older

Cause when we were young

It didn't matter who would pay the bills

And if I could dance

The first time with Lucy

Then I would never let go

'Cause every day with her was beautiful


Remember / Sky

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