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 Skyclad SkycladБританская фолк-метал-группа,

The Declaration of Indifference

She came down from the Western Hills when we were not prepared

I turned deaf ears to words of warning now I'm running scared.

Casting caution to the wind now that the cat's away

I say my grace - fill my face (then for forgiveness pray).

Gon knows I was an honest man - the same as any other

Who loved his wife - worked all his life to keep his family

Until the 'beast' that never sleeps beneath my silken covers

Reared its head and bit its thumb at my morality.


Her passion for passion - it will devour

Cruel are the thorns of this delicate flower

Her lust for lust - it will consume

A siren song summons all men to their doom.

She whispered of her innocence - (a plea I must contest)

While baptising helpless sinners with a missionary zest

She will exorcise your demons - then exercise your thighs

Await your 'second-coming' with a hunger in her eyes.

Her sweetmeats are the souls of men - she'll gorge herself to bursting

And for yours her heart is thirsting - as a spider craves a fly

No mortal man could ever hope to suit her as a suitor

Sh'll rewrite the Kama Sutra if you'd care to watch her try.

Repeat Chorus

I reach for heaven - desire drags me down

When fools choose their king I'll be heir to that crown

A strange kind of madness I cannot condone

If you are without sin come cast the first stone.


The Declaration of Indifference / Skyclad

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