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 Skyclad SkycladБританская фолк-метал-группа,

Ring Stone Round

I still hear the screams of my lover torn from me

Still taste the salt of her tears on my face

As they left me for dying my shattered corpse writhed

On a pyre of anger - I choked on the stench of disgrace.

Flint and bone are all we wield

Against the might of Roman steel

While eagles stare with mocking eyes

Their legions cut us down to size.

R'Vannith, R'Vannith, R'Vannith she cried

As the last of her kinsmen fell dead by her side

Oh why could I not stand with my warrior queen

There to share sweet release in a death swift and clean?

From out of the wildwood they came down upon us

These olive-skinned butchers that shone like the sun

With hate in their dark eyes they robbed us of our lives

But left me to weep when the slaughter was done.

Invaders came to violate - to subjugate and legislate

Put our homes and farms to fire to feed the greed of their Empire

R'Vannith, R'Vannith, R'Vannith I cried

As I grieved for the fallen - and wished I had died

I heard ravens laugh - stripping the flesh from her bones

Well fed by the Senate and People of Rome.

Two thousand years pass by - yet still they hold sway here

Their Empire is holy (its motives the same)

They have traded their spears for the cross that man fears

Those who nailed Him up high now rule in his name.

Invaders come to violate

To subjugate and legislate

Believing their forefather's crimes

Give them the right to twist our minds

R'Vannith, R'Vannith, R'Vannith we'll cry

When the last of our freedom is crushed by a lie

New legions of pious hypocrisy ride

To baptise us in blood (an unstoppable tide).


Ring Stone Round / Skyclad

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