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Cancer of the Heart

You came, you saw, you conquered as a woman of your word.

so to say farewell like Judas is a thing I find absurd.

You shook my world- (you sucked me in then spat me out in bubbles),

the effects of your affections stay the cause of all my troubles.

The only thing you never did was have the decency

to kiss this corpse and nail the lid - came on and bury me!

I placed you on the pedestral - you tossed me in the gutter

it seems your lies were like those thighs - spread easier than butter

I'm first to go, so last to know how fickle is your passion

now my bones hang in your closet though my face is out of fashion

As vultures circle round my head, far as the eye can see,

I walk this world (the living dead) - high-time to bury me!

You laid me to death - now lay me to rest

a sticky sweet-nothing to get off your chest

It's all pillow-talk at the end of the day

the cat's got your tongue - with so much left to say

I'm not the knave you 've fooled - behind the mask you wore

my beguiling, smiling virgin hides the cunning of a whore

Cause your ego needs an offering - 'tis I the coffin fits

so I martyred like St. Edmund with your name upon my lips

"Oh, do it hurt?"

Oh'boes it not! - I died with each degree

just one small detail overlooked - the need to bury me!

I 'm just the shade of something you remembered to forget

stood like Banquo by your bedside - you just haven't seen me yet

Every notch upon the headboard - each twist in your string of lovers

is a tear on your pillow - fate serves you as serves the others!

"You swore to always stay my friend - why even this can't be

Kept your back turned until the end whilst I begged; Bury me!"


Cancer of the Heart / Skyclad

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