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Prayin for a Party

I like you and you like me a lot

And we do those things that can make us feel hot

Then we join some friends, all of them are all right

and we talk a while, then we climb in our cars

What a night, we all drive into town

Where we'll park our caars, and meet the rest of our friends

At a place that's called, I forget what it's called

But it's really great, and all of our friends will be there





I like you and you like me a lot

And it's nice to be all alone with you too

But it's also nice being out with our friends

'Cause they're all right, maybe that's why we're friends


I feel great, but it's getting real late

So I'll drive you home and you'll slide up real close

I'm so glad we met, and I like you so much

And I'm also glad that I got all those friends



Prayin for a Party / Sparks

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