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Fat Chance

You know I'm ready, yes to rock steady
My name's not betty or teddy, but nick
And I'm what you might call a heretic
Yes, and I am from nebraska
My girl is satisfied, you can ask her
You know I've never visited alaska
Huh, where the oil was spilt
That drunken captain should be killed
For polluting the sea, an atrocity
He still walks free, well
This one goes to all the birds that drown
Fuck the bullshit it's time to throw down - (4x)
Just fuck the bullshit ?
It's time to throw down and so I said it words of
Wisdom that will keep you guessing cause
I'm tired of laying and I'm tired of messing around
With all those suckers
Yes, those stupid mother fuckers
Who put down what we do
We stand alone with the group that's new
If I was a dwarf, I'd surely be dopey
I'm a stone wheat thin you can not culture
Kick in the teeth a condescending frown
Fuck the bullshit it's time to throw down - (4x)
Yeah, right about now I'd like to turn the mic over to my man, sa martinez
I am sly in the mix I am the mix master
Death and destructor, lyric conductor
Rollin with the rhythm of the rhyme I'm rollin
? ? ? ? ?
Tim, he leads guitar, he's got the jets
Now the b-boys rockin' breakin' moves on the floor
311's stepping out and you're yellin for more
I'm hoping, I'm poetry in motion
? ? ? ? ?
P-nut, the bass drum is booming
And in your mouth the rhythm is booming
P to the n to the u to the t
Just fuck the has-been's and their stupid-ass rambling
Brothers saying bullshit you can't come through with
Do it in the basement no complacence
It's time to kick the fuck in
Begin to win no sin and then
Share it, declare it in the public domain
I'd be perfectly glad if rap was a fad but it's not
So I'd thought I'd come out with a shot
Super dumb lyrics make you think I'm a clown
I don't give a fuck it's time to throw down
Fuck the bullshit it's time to throw down - (4x)
That's right, knockin' them down
Nineties, all that


Fat Chance / 311

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