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Asylum #9

[Doctor "D" to Jesse]
Are you insane?
Welcome to the Asylum
House of true enchanted minds
It's the happiest place on earth
For the violent
We almost lost ya
But we caught ya in time

[The Nurses] You're here for life – life
[Doctor "D"] I'll fix ya right – right
[The Nurses] Gimme your life – life
[Doctor "D"] It's all you gotta do

[The Nurses] I'll give you life – life
[Doctor "D"] I'll make it right – right
[The Nurses] You're here for life – life
[Doctor "D"] I wanna welcome you

[Doctor "D" to Jesse]
Are you in pain
Or just merely misguided?
Tell me of the demons you've inside
I'll shrink where you think
Till you're fears are subsiding
I'm your physician slash
Magician of minds

[The Nurses] Asylum # 9

[Doctor "D"]
Oh – no running away
There ain't no place to hide

[The Nurses] Asylum # 9

[Doctor "D"]
Oh– I'm your physician with a mission in mind
Oh– I'm your healer I'm your stealer of minds


Asylum #9 / W.A.S.P.

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