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Gunsmith's Waltz

If your man done got you down
Shoot his ass
If your man's been running around
Shoot his ass
If your man just drives you crazy
If he's dumb or mean or lazy
Tell the judge it all went hazy,
Shoot his ass

Come to my gun shop on the edge of town
Shoot his ass
Choose your piece and lay your money down
Shoot his ass
Take the gun back to your street
Make him grovel at your feet
Kiss his cheek and smile real sweet and then
Shoot his ass

Inspector thought your case worth a listen
Oh it looked a little yeah suspicious

Make it look like an accident and
Shoot his ass.
Mama, let me know if his room's for rent,
Shoot his ass
Go upstairs to your jewelry drawer
Put six shells in your .44,
Yeah, there's gonna be blood on your no-wax floor, mama,
Shoot his ass

And he'll sing no no no no, don't kill me baby
No no no no don't kill me baby
No no no no no no no no, don't kill me baby

You might leave on a 12 to life journey
Shoot his ass
But you might do better with a good attorney
Shoot his ass

Take that oath on a 12 mile run;
Tell the judge you were just cleaning your gun
And you'd never do that to your only one
Shoot his ass
Yeah, shoot his ass
Yeah, shoot his ass

Spin Doctors

Gunsmith's Waltz / Spin Doctors

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