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Where Angels Fear to Tread

The ruthless turbaned bandit
Turns his back upon the cradle
As angry as you ever can recall
And even though it's raining
You're yet to join the flowers on the wall

I've waited for a chance
To paint your blue town red
Slept where monsters dance
On the flowers in your hand
Fools go rushing in
Where angels fear to tread

The late night contingent
Has a question that it poses
And they're smoking all
The flowers you've arranged
And the blind poet enters
Beheading all you roses
To make up for the beauty
You've regained

I've waited for a chance.....

A heart may break in a twist of fate
And be thrown upon the pile
My bed still whirls though I see other girls
When I stare a thousand miles
A heart may break in a certain time and place
But a friend still knows
If it's her kiss on your smile

Your yellow dressed athena
Assaults your very windows
And troubles all the clouds
Around your bed
And in the nearby land of the lovers
The one-eyed man is crazy
?cause lovers are too blind
To hear a word that the fool has said

I've waited for a chance.....

Spin Doctors

Where Angels Fear to Tread / Spin Doctors

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