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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

Suicidal Justice

Show them that you are the master of carnal desire
Confusion in their hateful eyes when they call you a liar
You cannot supress the reflection of hate and rebirth
With all your strength of will to escape from this earth

Suicidal justice
Collective instinct of death
Suicidal Justice
A war of a man life to waste

This will the first and the last act
Inside your mind
It's useless to save yourself
And don't try to hide
You got a message to kill
From a higher place
The horrors of war
Switched off your brain
Take revenge!

You see them on hands an knees
When they crawl from their holes
You've never before seen a life
Fading so slow
This is the time to go
Come on kiss the ground
Castration of cowards
A feeding the balls to the hounds


Suicidal Justice / Sodom

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