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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа


Precursors of the menace
Admonition of the death
Obscurity and secret force
What are these symbols standing for

Gomorrah, Mother of harlotry
Gomorrah, Ascendency forever

An insidious looking creature
Beneath the frantic fault
Ready to be delivered
The son of our lord

Gomorrah, Abomination of the earth
Gomorrah, Wrath and fornication

He is crying with a resentful voice
Like a roaring lion
Sin city will burn he has no choice
They have to pay the price

Gomorrah, Noisome grievous sore
Gomorrah, Judgment of the whore

And their dead bodies
Shall lie in the streets
Where also out lord
Was crucified and killed

Gomorrah, Downfall is near
Gomorrah, Don't the realize
Gomorrah, They have to disappear
Gomorrah, Blessed are the dead


Gomorrah / Sodom

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